Common Myths And Facts About Acne-Some Interesting Observations

There are a number of myths and facts about acne out there. When you embark on an acne treatment, it is really important that you separate fact from fiction. Here, we address some of the most common myths and facts about acne in order to help you decide what kind of acne treatment you should choose for yourself to get rid of acne or pimples.

Myth: Washing more helps to get rid of acne.

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Fact: Facial acne is not caused by dirt. The general misunderstanding is that the pores are clogged from top to bottom because of dirt. In fact, the pores are clogged from the inside to the bottom. Instead of preventing acne, washing your face can irritate too many pores and make it clogged as well as dry the skin. Dry skin causes hyper-pulsation of the sebaceous glands and produces too much sebum which clogs your pores. It is best to wash twice a day.

Myth: Acne is caused by stress.

Fact: true, stress can influence hormone levels. However, a good acne treatment system can easily overcome any stress effect that may have on your acne. Some psychiatric drugs mention acne as a side effect, but stress itself is unlikely to have serious effects.

Myth: Sex and masturbation cause acne.

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Fact: This is a seventeenth-century idea developed to prevent young people from having sex before marriage. There is no scientific evidence of that. It is true that high levels of androgens (male sex hormones) can be associated with severe cases of acne, but hormonal levels are not affected by masturbation and sex.

Myth: The sun helps lighten acne.

Fact: It is true that 10-15 minutes a day of sunshine could help people with acne, especially back acne or acne on other parts of the body. However, over-exposure to sunlight can damage or irritate your skin. This irritation can actually cause more acne in the weeks following exposure to the sun, as the skin heals itself. As with excessive skin washing, the sun dries your skin, creating excess sebum and clogging the pores.

Myth: Your Diet Can Cause Acne

Fact: More research is needed here. In short, acne occurs when there is an imbalance of hormone levels and not by what you eat.

However, we know that in some societies, unlike modern society, there is absolutely no acne. This raises the question of whether it is the aboriginal diet that contributes to their skin condition or another factor. It may be possible to prevent acne with nutritional ingredients in future, but it will be fairly difficult to achieve that right now.

Myth: acne disappears faster when you squeeze the pimples!

Fact: Pressing acne temporarily makes it less noticeable, however you didn’t solve the main problem. By breaking a pimple, you force the bacteria from the pimples to penetrate further into the skin, which ultimately leads to an even stronger inflammation. In addition, bursting a pimple can cause acne scars that can last for months or worse, bumps. These bumps can last indefinitely.

Myth: Use lots of acne cream for acne prevention

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One of the greatest myths about acne is that the use of large amounts of topical drugs can help to clear their acne faster. The fact is: the use of too many over-the-counter medications (or the use of acne advertising) will not help you to get rid of the acne faster. One of the little-known facts about acne is that some of these medications can actually worsen this skin condition and also cause undesirable side effects.

Acne: Chocolate and junk food worsens acne

One of the greatest acne myths refers to chocolate consumption and fast food. Many teens are led to believe that eating chocolate and junk food or fried foods can lead to acne flare-ups. However, the fact is that no controlled trial or scientific evidence confirmed these theories for a fact.

Myth: Cleaning and scrubbing hard will remove acne

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The following myths and facts about acne that we are discussing here refer to personal hygiene. Teenagers are often told that washing or rubbing their face is often the only known method of acne prevention. The facts, however, trash this theory as some washes and hard facial soaps can actually worsen facial acne and thus may irritate your skin.

Myth: Only facial makeup products cause acne

Cosmetics and hair care products bring us to our next acne facts. People often believe that acne is only associated with cosmetics and makeup products. However, oil-based hair care products are also responsible for acne on the face and forehead.

Myth: Smoking does not affect acne

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Another little-known fact about acne is that smoking cigarettes has an influence on acne. Many studies have now shown that smoking can actually worsen acne.

Myths and facts about acne: wrapping up

Hopefully, this post will help you to learn more about the common myths and facts about acne so that you can make an informed decision regarding the kind of acne-reduction treatment you should opt for.